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eagle view of a ​blue superyacht moving fast over the ocean

There is increasing demand from investors, lenders, insurers and regulators for superyachts to align their decarbonisation efforts with IMO Standards and Net Zero 2050 targets.


The CO2 emissions of a vessel may influence access to finance and insurance. Lack of action can result in higher operational costs and impact vessel value.


Blue ESG collaborates with Lloyd's Register to provide you with the tools and resources to meet these new requirements and regulations, including those from:


We offer yacht operational carbon management and reporting.

Smarter Yachting

We can reimagine the superyacht industry collectively, change the narrative, and create a positive legacy for our people and our planet.

Our methodology enables members of Blue ESG to become leading representatives of good practices within the luxury tourism and marine sectors.

Superyacht at anchor. Smarter Yachting
Our mission is to drive decarbonisation and sustainable growth.
close up of the starboard side of a big white superyacht

Making Purpose a Force for Change 

We are a data driven ESG platform and consultancy.

ESG for the superyacht industry

A data-driven ESG platform and consultancy.
We work with yacht owners, captains, family offices, marinas, refit facilities and management companies to improve operational ESG performance.

Our ESG products and services are fully customised to suit the needs of the client and sector.


Our objective is that yachting can make a positive impact and maintain a licence to operate.

Image of the bow of a superyacht with a blue hull cutting through the water. The water around the yacht is clear and sparkling with ripples created by the yacht's movement. The blue color of the yacht's hull is deep and rich, creating a striking contrast against the blue water. The smooth and sleek design of the yacht's bow gives a sense of luxury and elegance.



Yacht 11:11

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