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Superyacht Methodology

This methodology sets out a holistic approach to capture and quantify the impact of a superyacht's operations by using the globally recognised framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to mitigate negative impacts and maximise positive activities.

Leveraging data captured directly from the yacht’s operations and globally recognised benchmarked data enables members of Blue ESG to become leading representatives of good practices within the luxury tourism and marine sectors.

By highlighting areas to mitigate and reduce criticism of superyacht tourism, each yacht or fleet will be able to create a comprehensive strategy to protect its operations from external threats to the industry.

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Environment and Climate Change

The Mediterranean is facing the effects of climate change, mainly observed as disrupting the water system and rising average temperatures. 

Increased temperatures and drought increase the possibility of forest fires and the destruction of areas of natural beauty, with the potential to disrupt a yacht’s operations and the guest experience.

Societal Change and Public Opinion

Pressure is increasing to tackle income inequality and the opportunities available to all stakeholders involved in tourism in the Mediterranean region. These factors include fair work, fair pay, and racial and gender equality.

Organisations not addressing these factors have an increased risk of experiencing harmful incidents from media backlash, public acts of protest, disruption to operations, and potential loss of charter clients.



Governments across the Mediterranean are drafting legislation to address climate change and inequality issues.

The northern and western coastlines are located within the jurisdiction of the European Economic Area (EEA), whose own strategy is for the advancement of the SDGs through policy at national and international levels. These values will affect the development and recovery of tourism in the Mediterranean. Not engaging at these levels creates the risk of exposure to punitive restrictions, fines or public incidents causing reputational and financial damage.

Benefits of the Methodology

This methodology provides a comprehensive data set for operations teams to use for benchmarking and target setting in a globally recognised nomenclature.

This methodology enables organisations to set and communicate their targets and principles externally with associated industries.

The report produced identifies which aspects need to be improved as well as progress in relation to specific SDGs. Using globally recognised and referenced data provides assurance that the results are accurate and unbiased.

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