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The SEA Index- Superyacht Eco Association is pleased to announce Blue ESG as a new Friend of the SEA Index. This new collaboration also marks the building of more sustainable standards and practices in the yachting industry. Based on the observation that working in silos inevitably limits sustainability effectiveness, the not-for -profit Superyacht Eco Association and Blue ESG company are convinced that cross- sector collaboration is key to a meaningful and purposeful sustainability journey. The Superyacht Eco Association’s main mission is to support superyacht owners towards more informed sustainability choices, when purchasing and chartering yachts. Blue ESG and the SEA Index are complimentary in this endeavour: neither entity sells yachts, the EEDI IMO based SEA Index CO2 comparison tool for superyachts is still evolving to include more aspects, and Blue ESG aims to take things further by offering asset risk management by delivering yacht operational decarbonisation strategies to IMO CII and SEEMP III expectations and standards.

Blue ESG CEO, Nigel Marrison & SEA Index project leader Natalie Quévert

Blue ESG CEO, Nigel Marrison: ‘Blue ESG provides asset reputation risk management support for Superyacht owners. The decarbonisation of yacht operations requires critical work with regulators to provide a credible and relevant roadmap and action strategy to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and collaborating with the SEA Index to achieve this, answers exactly that’. SEA Index project manager Natalie Quévert: ‘Superyacht owners keep the superyacht industry in business, and they deserve to be able to make informed choices adopting more sustainable pathways. We are pleased to see the SEA Index is sparking new opportunities for collaboration with like-minded people, akin to reducing the environmental impact of yachting’. Led by the Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse since 2020, the Superyacht Eco Association and its SEA Index CO2 yacht comparison tool, is the starting point for superyacht owners on their journey towards more sustainability and less impactful yachting practices. SEA Index Private Yachts, Corporate members and Friends of the SEA Index is a growing community dedicated to raising CO2 emissions awareness and working towards finding solutions to reduce them.

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