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Our Philosophy is to use information, innovation, and SMARTER metrics across Environmental, Social, and Governance factors to provide strategy and reporting, not just to comply with regulators but to build a platform that is recognised industry-wide.

Yachting has a responsibility to address environmental concerns and targets. Currently, there is no common framework, and we create a benchmark to help you achieve new ESG-related goals and communicate your performance and results.

Ultimately, we will facilitate business growth, value creation, and a conscious culture.

The global marketplace demands and expects all facets of the business to develop and progress in order to be better and leave a transparent, accountable legacy on which future generations can then build a better future.


Our Vision is to evolve yachting into a cleaner and greener experience, firmly grounded with a sense of purpose.


We will create a ‘better yachting industry’ - one with a focus on safeguarding the environment.

Based on unrivaled experience in this field, we will deliver a ‘next-generation’ proposition for the future.

Our Purpose is to facilitate leaders and management to make SMARTER and more impactful decisions in the interest of both people and the planet.


We see an opportunity to lead the transformation to a more sustainable yachting experience and have a positive impact on every decision we make and every action we take.

We help to ensure that the yachting and wider marine industry will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Meet Nigel Marrison

Founder of Blue ESG

Nigel has worked in the superyacht industry for +20 years. Progressing through roles onboard to captain yachts of up to 3000gt, and sailed extensively, from Caribbean cruises to Arctic expeditions delivering the ultimate in luxury experiences. Nigel is an active supporter of the superyacht industry and regularly participates as a moderator, panelist, podcaster and speaker at industry events. 

Capitalising on his experience, his insight into energy efficiency onboard and his passion for sustainability, he created Blue ESG, a consultancy specialising in sustainable development for the yachting industry.

“If you are concerned about developing in a sustainable way, then it is best to take action now. We have one world to safeguard for future generations and we must not forget that.”

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