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Superyacht Carbon Intensity Index (SCII), Our complete toolkit for superyachts to attain MARPOL VI - CII compliance and achieve operational Net Zero emissions targets. A process of continuous improvement.


Applicable to the operation of private and charter yachts from 400 to unlimited gross tonnage (GT).


  1. Regulation - Lead the transition and get ahead of growing emissions regulations and compliance with CSRD.

  2. Operation  - Reduce operational costs by improving performance and efficiency.

  3. Valuation   - Mitigate vessel depreciation.

  4. Protection – Avoid emissions taxes and penalties.

  5. Reputation - Demonstrate accountability and maintain a license to operate.

  6. Competition - Distinguish your company from the competition to gain market share.



  1. Working in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register.

  2. Aligned with IMO Marpol VI - CII & SEEMP III.

CII Carbon Intensity Indicator

Access to an unmatched superyacht specific CII alignment with IMO MARPOL VI CII data collection and analysis tool.  

What’s included?

Set up:

  • Introduction, induction, and training

  • Data configuration



  • Baseline data capture – Analysis of operational energy and fuel usage (12

  • Data review (monthly)

  • In-depth data review and report (6/12 months)

PART A: Data & Technology


Using raw data to transform operations and achieve financial savings.
Data analysts and decarbonisation experts actively monitor vessel fuel and energy performance data to offer insights and advice for immediate, medium, and long term reduction strategies.


What is included?

  • SEEMP review

  • Best practice and guidelines 

  • Energy management training 

  • Continuous support - live chat/meetings

  • Tailored advice for every step of your journey

  • Updates on the ever-evolving maritime emissions landscape 

  • Special geographic area requirements, local emissions regulations, EU Emissions Trading System, etc

PART B: Human

What is the invesment?

Part A - ‘Yacht Zero’ CII 



Monthly - 12 x £1,000 (£12,000) OR

Annual payment - 1 x £10,000 (equivalent £833.33 pcm)


Set up - OTP 




Monthly subscription - 12 x £1,750 (£21,000)


Annual payment          - 1 x £16,800 (equivalent £1,400 pcm)

Benefits of the methodology

This methodology provides a comprehensive data set for operations teams to use for benchmarking and target setting in a globally recognised nomenclature. This methodology enables organisations to set comparable targets with each BESG member and communicate their targets and principles externally with associated industries.

The report produced identifies which aspects need to be improved as well as progress in relation to specific SDGs. Using globally recognised and referenced data provides assurance that the results are accurate and unbiased.

The developed SCII also has a rating system inspired by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). Further, the SCII uses the current CII level of ambition from the IMO to establish the yearly reduction on the index.

Peng Wu.   |  Lloyd's Register

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Part B



billed at £21,000 £16,800/yr


pay monthly £1,750

+ £2,500 

OTP Setup Fee 

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Part A



billed at £12,000 £10,200/yr


pay monthly £1,000

+ £2,500 

OTP Setup Fee 

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