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Leading Change

This episode is with the driven and entrepreneurial Nigel Marrison, the founder of a company driving positive change and making waves in the yachting industry - Blue ESG.

An ex-yacht captain, Nigel speaks about his time in the yachting industry, the qualities that make a good leader and how to empower teams.

It wasn’t until during the pandemic lockdown that he had time to reflect on the yachting industry and his role in it. He decided it was the perfect opportunity to pursue his purpose and launch his company.

Nigel has seen first-hand the impact that the industry is having - both environmentally and socially and believes through an ESG (Environmental Social Governance) framework, the industry can make a bigger, more positive impact.

As a ‘Creator’ (#LHDynamics) Nigel is very positive and has a big vision: to raise the value proposition of yachting. Nigel knows that he has a big challenge ahead of him. So how is he planning to convince an entire industry that 'business as usual' is not an option anymore?

Let's find out here >

Profile Picture of Nigel Marrison, Founder of Blue ESG
Power of Purpose Podcast with Nigel Marrison


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