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Don’t be left high and dry

Nigel Marrison, founder of Blue ESG, says how we tackle global-emissions goals will determine the very future of superyachts…

Picture of a Superyacht

Superyacht owners rely on a network of trusted advisors to ensure their assets are being properly managed, maintained and operated in the most productive and efficient manner. Add to this a growing pressure to decarbonise and this remit is now more challenging than ever before.

The climate emergency is shifting the commercial landscape in all directions and the consequences of inaction will only increase, even to the point where a vessel can no longer legally operate. As captains and advisors, it’s our responsibility to act in the best interests of the owner and to provide the best possible advice on every aspect of superyacht ownership, and this includes risk management across the board. The very real prospect of stranded assets cannot be overstated; it poses an existential threat to the entire industry and our survival will be determined by what we do, or fail to do, today.

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